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1.1 Sole Proprietorship
1.2 Close Corporation
1.3 Partnership
1.4 Private Companies etc.
New Business Existing Business
Projected Cash Flow Statement –12 months
Projected financial statements –3 years
Interim financial statements
Current budget
Bank statement
Cash Flow Projections –12 months
a) Financial Statements 3 years
b) Projected financial statements-3 years
Interim financial statements
Current budget
3 Months Bank statements
5.1 Deed of Grant
5.2 Title Deed
5.3 Permission to Occupy (PTO)
5.4 Insurance Policy (Surrender Value)
5.5 Investments e.g. Fixed Deposits
5.6 Surety-ship Document
5.7 Deed of cession over payment (Procurement loans/ purchase orders only)
1. Viable business plan (as above)
2. Copy of contract or tender or appointment letter or order
3. Work schedule
4. Copy of identity document.
5. History of the business (if already in functional).
6. Banking history
7. Tax clearance certificate
8. Copy of CC or memorandum of association